BC | Canada 150 Grant Recipient Project Highlights

Caetani Cultural Centre

Project: Caetani Open House Project
Funding Received: $30,000

The Caetani Cultural Centre is operated by the Caetani Cultural Centre Society and is a designated and registered heritage property of the City of Vernon. The Caetani house was left to the citizens of Greater Vernon to be used as a community space celebrating arts, culture, and heritage. The Centre offers diverse interdisciplinary arts programs including visual arts, music, performing arts, literary programs, residences, and work spaces for regional, national, and international professional artists and writers, and associated public programming (presentations, workshops, classes, etc.).

In order to fully open the main facility to public access, and for the development of a presentation space and heritage displays, the Centre had to install a fire suppression system and complete related repairs/upgrades to the 120+ year old, 6000ft2 facility. BC|Canada150 funding has allowed the Centre, almost 25 years after the house and grounds were donated, to move forward to open the heritage property to the public for programs and special events, and as a heritage/tourism destination and venue.

This project has given the Centre the ability to host increased audience numbers and indoor events on a year round (rather than seasonal) basis, increasing the interval of presentations and events for programming by providing additional performance, exhibition, workshop, and heritage display space. Upgrades have allowed for an occupancy of up to 50+ people at one time for an event.

It also ensures the safety of visitors, staff, volunteers, as well as the continued structural integrity and safety of the facility, its infrastructure and collections, enhancing accessibility and developing it into a significant cultural and heritage site.

The project has also contributed to the overall sustainability of operations and self-sufficiency through expanded arts, cultural, and heritage programming, highlighting both artifacts and digital/interactive displays.

It is important that we celebrate our stories and the people that make our region unique, both historical figures as well as up and coming contemporary creative individuals. The Caetani Cultural Centre is now better able to accomplish this.