Governance Committee

  • Catherine Ouellet-Martin, Administrative Manager, Beaty Biodiversity Museum (Committee Chair)
  • Jenifer Chilcott, Counsellor, Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy, LLP

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BCMA Governance Committee – Terms of Reference

Approved January 19, 2018



1. Purpose


The Governance Committee will review current bylaws and bring recommendations to council to present an updated version for approval at the 2018 AGM.



2. Role


The Committee’s role is focused on Governance issues.



3. Membership/Composition


The Committee is composed of two council members, including one with legal expertise.   



4. Duties and Responsibilities


Committee members are responsible for ensuring compliance by the BCMA and the Council with the organization’s bylaws, and for reviewing current bylaws and making recommendations to BCMA Council for potential revisions.



5. Reporting


The committee reports to BCMA Council



6. Meeting Frequency


At the call of the chair