BCMA Conference and AGM Locations

1957 Vancouver                      1977 Kelowna                      1997 Prince George

1958 Victoria                           1978 Nanaimo                     1998 Cranbrook

1959 Chilliwack                       1979 Richmond                   1999 Revelstoke

1960 Penticton                        1980 Victoria                        2000 Victoria (with WMA)

1961 Vancouver                      1981 Kamloops                    2001 Quesnel, Barkerville

1962 Barkerville                      1982 Rossland                     2002 Vancouver (Wosk)

1963 Kelowna                         1983 Duncan                       2003 Reno, NV (with WMA)

1964 Nelson                            1984 Burnaby                      2004 Nanaimo

1965 Kamloops                       1985 Vernon                        2005 Kelowna

1966 Duncan                           1986 Whistler                      2006 Prince George

1967 Victoria                           1987 Kimberley                   2007 Richmond

1968 Vernon                            1988 Harrison                     2008 Victoria

1969 Vancouver                      1989 Dawson Creek           2009 Osoyoos

1970 Penticton                        1990 Courtenay                  2010 Nanaimo

1971 Victoria                           1991 Penticton                    2011 Vancouver (MOV)

1972 Fort Langley                   1992 Burnaby                     2012 Kamloops

1973 Fort Steele                     1993 Prince Rupert             2013 Parksville

1974 Vancouver                      1994 Victoria                       2014 Penticton

1975 Prince George                1995 Fort St. John              2015 New Westminster

1976 Port Alberni                     1996 Campbell River          2016 Whistler


A Touch of History

“During the September Seminar in Victoria, the action stopped briefly on two separate occasions…just long enough for a little daydreaming. Looking around, we though back to the smoking commercial which took the inevitable way out after all logic discarded the nonsensical and romantic reasons for smoking…it simply boiled down to a case of, ‘I smoke ’em ’cause I like ’em!’.

In this mood, we thought about the reasons which influenced people to attend any kind of conference and wondered, ‘why are these people at this seminar?’.

Obviously some were there to meet old friends who for one reason or another, usually because of geography and not history, they haven’t seen often enough.

Probably a few were there because they were the fortunate one in their respective communities who were able to find the time to get away from home for a week.

Many had come to nurture a sense of identity through sharing with others some common interests in the specialized fields of museums and historical interpretation.

Undoubtedly most had come to learn. They sought maximum involvement and participation and were genuinely disappointed and frustrated that they somehow couldn’t split themselves in two people so that they could attend more than one workshop at a time.

Well, whatever the reason, we feel that if each and everyone had been asked the specific question ‘why do you go to the annual British Columbia Museums Association’s Training Seminars?’, without any hesitation they would have smiled and replied…’No question about it…I go ’cause I like ’em!’.”

~Bob Broadland, from Museum Roundup Editor’s Viewpoint, “‘Cause I Like ‘Em”, No. 44, 1971