Past Presidents of the BC Museums Association Council:

1959-1960: G. Clifford Carl, BC Provincial Museum

1961-1963: R.Y. Edwards, BC Parks Branch

1963-1965: Wilson Duff, BC Provincial Museum

1965-1966: J.W.D. Symons, Maritime Museum of BC

1967-1968: G. E. Welburn, Duncan Forest Museum

1969-1970: Harry Pickstone, Vancouver Museum

1970-1971: W.A. Fetterley, Nelson Museum

1971-1973: Willard Ireland, BC Provincial Archives

1973-1974: Mary Balf (first female Council President), Kamloops Museum

1974-1976: Phillip Ward, BC Provincial Museum

1977-1978: Ursula Surtees, Kelowna Centennial Museum

1978-1979: John Adams, Burnaby Village Museum

1979-1981: Robert D. Watt, Vancouver Museum

1981-1982: Ursula Surtees, Kelowna Centennial Museum

1982-1984: Dianne Kelly, MSA Museum

1984-1986: Sue Morhun, Oliver Museum & Heritage

1986-1987: John Mitchell, Alberni Valley Museum

1987-1989: Nicholas Tuele, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

1990-1991: Ken Mather, Historic O’Keefe Ranch Vernon

1992-1993: Judy Gosselin, Greater Vernon Museum & Archives

1993-1994: Montserrat Gonzalez

1994-1996: Buddy Williams

1996-1997: April Ingham

1997-1999: Kirstin Clausen

1999-2001: Steve Turnbull

2001-2003: Deborah Tuyttens

2003-2005: Geraldine Parent

2005-2007: Debbie Trueman

2007-2008: Tracy Calogheros

2008-2009: Brenda Weatherston

2009-2010: Mark Sakai

2010-2012: Kris Andersen

2012-2013: Leah Best, Touchstones Nelson

2013-2015 Peter Ord, Penticton Museum & Archives

Current President: David Alexander, Royal BC Museum, Victoria