Welcome to the BC Museums Association! We are the point of contact for everything to do with museums and galleries in the province. In 2015 we are 58 years young and barely showing our age as we explore a new chapter in the association’s engagement with members, stakeholders and the public in British Columbia. In 2013, the BCMA adopted a new Strategic Framework to help guide council and staff for the next five years. The plan was developed after many hours of consultations and presentations with members. The strategic framework helps to support and strengthen BC’s museums, based on the core beliefs that museums (and galleries and allied organizations) are an indispensable resource for our communities. It also recognizes that museums bring value to the lives of Canadians, and that they add to the rich embroidery of our shared cultural fabric.

Our partnerships with our community focus the BCMA on five strategic areas for services and programs: we serve as an information hub, we support a professional network, we provide professional development, we act as an advocate, and we nurture innovation. These areas of strategic focus also correlate with our organizational values that guide how we work, both internally and with our partners. These values include:  authentic relationships; clarity; family (community); getting things done; history & continuity; innovation; patience; a sense of humour; and supporting each other. So, on behalf of staff and council, welcome to the BCMA family. We look forward to assisting you and your organization as we make the museum and gallery sector a critical feature in BC’s cultural landscape.

David Alexander, Fall 2015