BC | Canada 150 Grant Recipient Project Highlights

Agassiz-Harrison Historical Society

Project: Collection Storage Legacy Project
Funding Received: $25,000

For BC|Canada150, the Agassiz-Harrison Historical Society successfully completed a large scale renovation of the Agassiz-Harrison Museum’s collections storage space, upgrading the infrastructure to museum quality standards. The project involved removing the previous shelving, and the purchase and installation of new Hi-Cube Storage artifact shelves in the storage area. The improved use of the space has positively affected the Museum’s ability to care for collections – leaving a lasting legacy for the community.

With this project, the AHHS helps ensure that the material history of the people and natural world within the boundaries of the modern-day District of Kent and Village of Harrison Hot Springs, and the local Sto:lo Peoples, is preserved for the benefit of future generations. The AHHS believes that artifacts carry community stories, which when collected with other BC community stories, produce a compelling narrative of the history of the Province.

The new storage system demonstrates the organization’s respect and responsibility for its priceless collections as it acts as a steward of local history. Moving artifacts out of bankers boxes and into artifact shelves has had a major impact on accessibility and quality of care.

Since installation, the shelving has enabled superior management of collections, allowing the AHHS to identify holes in collecting areas, acquire new artifacts, and de-accession appropriately to strengthen collections overall. The shelving supports volunteers, students and staff – who are now provided an organized, accessible space that is safe for both people and artifacts. The improved space also accommodates artifacts that were previously in open storage in the galleries, so exhibits have been refreshed.

The Museum sees many tourists from all over the world, and now has an improved capacity to showcase its history.