Today the BC Museums Association launched our new brand identity. The BCMA is reinvigorated and, with both eyes focused on the future of the association, we’re excited to share our new logo, look and feel.

The BCMA Council and staff decided a year ago that a refreshed organization required a refreshed identity. We started with a brand discovery process involving past and current members of Council. Owl, our values, and our 58-year history proved strong, as did a sense of adventure, and the story-telling that has always been a part of who we are.

The results were work-shopped into a Brand Brief that articulated our personality and purpose: to connect, lift, and share. From this we knew that our new logo needed to be vibrant and warm with a sense of community, but also forward-looking and contemporary, yet classic. A tall order — but we think we nailed it! We are proud to launch our new logo today on our website and social media platforms. Have a look in the top left-hand corner of this page to see the new logo!

How do you interpret the logo? The orange M suggests a loop of past and future; infinite possibilities; connections; shared experiences; caring/stewardship; and elevation. The colour is vibrant and full of energy. The lettering is inspired by Art Deco and Futurism as well as that era’s hope/optimism for the future. The capital Ms, with their added pillars, indicate stability, while being unique and timeless.

Delete the cache in your browser to see our logo in situ! If you are a member, watch your In Box for the inaugural issue of HOOT! our new member enewsletter.

Thank you to Oculus Design and Marketing for their support on this project. Special thanks to Professor Jack Lohman for his support and the Royal BC Museum for a donation which partially funded the work. We would also like to thank the BC Arts Council for their ongoing guidance and financial support, as well as the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia.