Congratulations to all our award nominees!

Two Awards of Merit and a Distinguished Service Award will be presented at the “Peaks of Success” Awards Dinner in Whistler, October 13, 2016. And the nominees are:

Award of Merit:
· Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project – 16 museums across BC who came together to make their Chinese Canadian holdings publicly accessible in an online database.
· Beaty Biodiversity Museum – “100 Years, 100 Treasures” celebration of the Museum’s collection, history, and community.
· Sikh Heritage Museum National Historic Site – four years of innovative programming and exhibits recognising and raising awareness of Sikh heritage and history in British Columbia and Canada at the Gur Sikh Temple
· The Residential and Indian Day School Art research Project – gathering and sharing the personal stories behind student-produced art at Residential and Indian Day Schools.
· Royal BC Museum – “Righting Historical Wrongs” Chinese Canadian learning portal and outreach kits.

Distinguished Service Award:
· Tim Willis – dedicated efforts, through a number of roles, to bring museums into their communities
· George Harris – years of work, through Two Rivers Gallery, to develop the careers of northern-BC artists and to bring internationally-renowned artists to northern BC.

Find out more about the awards here.