A new BCMA Council was elected at the AGM on Thursday. Congratulations to the newly-elected and re-elected councillors! A big thank you to outgoing councillors Peter Ord, Rebecca Clarke, Hanna Cho, and Danielle Lemon!

The 2017-18 Council are:

Tania Muir, President
Jodi Simkin, Vice-President
David Alexander, Past President
Erika Stenson, Treasurer
Nataley Nagy, Secretary
Scott Marsden
Catherine Ouellet-Martin
Joelle Hodgins
Dan Smith
Kit Grauer
Carolyn Holmes
Lynn Saffery
Jenifer Chilcott (non-museum professional)

To learn more about this year’s Council, please visit our Council and Committees page.


BCMA Council 2017-2018.  L-R back row: Scott Marsden, David Alexander, Carolyn Holmes, Joelle Hodgins
L-R front row: Lynn Saffery, Jodi Simkin, Tania Muir, Kit Grauer, Catherine Oullet-Martin, Jenifer Chilcott, Nataley Nagy
Absent: Dan Smith, Erika Stenson