Our municipal elections may be all done, but there are still more opportunities to take action and shape political priorities in BC. Before the end of the month, BC will vote on the electoral reform referendum. Residence must now decide if they want to keep the First Past the Post system, or change to a Proportional Representation system. Wherever you land on this issue, be sure to vote and make your voice heard on this important topic! At the time of writing this, less than 10 per cent of votes have been returned.

You can read up on the options, or watch a quick video synopsis, here. You can also take a non-partisan survey to determine which choice may best align with your values here.

While you’re on this political train, remember to send your MLA’s a reminder of their promise to double the government’s investment in the BC Arts Council over four years. This funding will be necessary for the BC Arts Council to implement their strategic plan, and could be a great boon to arts initiatives in our province. Let your MLAs know how much this means to their constituents and how important the arts are in BC.

The BC Alliance for the Arts and Culture has created a sample letter here that you can either edit or send to your representatives unchanged. You should also feel free to create your own letter advocating on behalf of arts, culture and heritage in British Columbia. To find your MLA, click here.


We would like to thank our friends at the BC Alliance for the Arts and Culture for providing this information.