A number of BCMA Councillors have completed their terms of office and will be stepping down from Council at the upcoming Annual General Meeting. BCMA members are invited to submit names for consideration to Council’s Nomination Committee to be presented for membership approval at the AGM on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, at the Courtyard Marriott in Prince George.

Councillors serve two-year terms. Members willing to let their names stand must be available for scheduled conference calls and at least two in-person meetings per year; one of which is at the Association’s annual Conference. Expenses for the meetings may be covered as BCMA budget allows. When considering a nominee, please forward names of BC residents who represent diverse stakeholder interests and geographic regions, possess planning skills, an interest in governance, and a belief in the continued development and future of the BCMA. In particular, representation from First Nations and from northern and interior BC is encouraged.

Individuals may forward their own name and the Association’s By-Laws permit nominations from the floor at the Annual General Meeting. Successful nominees will be required to become an Individual Member of BCMA, if they are not already.

Nominations presented to the Nomination Committee require the consent of nominees and each nominee requires support from their institution. Please include the name, address, phone and email address of both the nominator and nominee. Nominees are required to submit a short biographical statement with a cover letter detailing their interest in Council service.


Advance Nomination Deadline was:

5:00 pm, September 3, 2019

The call for nominations is now closed.