2017 Government of Canada Survey of Heritage Institutions

The BCMA is proud to spread the word about the upcoming 2017 Government of Canada Survey of Heritage Institutions conducted by The Department of Canadian Heritage. The survey will be received via email and completed on-line.

Make your experience count! By reporting on the activities of your institution or site for the 2015 calendar or fiscal year (whichever cycle your organization operates by), your input will help to demonstrate the sector’s importance to Canada. The survey results will be published on-line to enable all stakeholders to benefit from these data.

The Department will be sending you an email on March 29 with the on-line survey attached. We ask that you please take time to answer the survey, as each response increases the accuracy of the results.

We thank you in advance for your anticipated participation and look forward to sharing the results with you this summer.

You can click here to view the results of the previous Government of Canada Survey of Heritage Institutions.

If you would like more information about the survey please email the Department of Canadian Heritage at PCH.infoegcep-gcshiinfo.PCH@canada.ca or telephone 819-997-0991.

BC GLAM Sector Sign First-of-its-kind Partnership MOU

The BC Museums Association is proud and excited to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the British Columbia Library Association (BCLA) and the Archives Association of BC (AABC).  The announcement was made alongside the Honourable Peter Fassbender, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.  This new partnership is a first among Canadian provinces and was announced this morning at the City Centre Library in Surrey, BC.

The MOU between the three organizations formalizes cooperation amongst the province’s GLAM sector (galleries, libraries, archives and museums), outlining the organizations’ commitment to share expertise, embark on collaborative research projects, explore public outreach opportunities and identify joint funding ventures to strengthen the sector.

The BCMA is excited to bring this partnership to our members as it will increase professional development opportunities, resource sharing, and knowledge transfer.  We look forward to working with our two GLAM sector partner organizations, the BC Government, and all three organizations’ members to strengthen and build the GLAM sector in the future.

Read the full announcement, including quotes from Minister Fassbender, the BCMA, BCLA, and AABC and contact information for each organization, here.

Read the full MOU here.