BC | Canada 150 Grant Recipient Project Highlights

Atchelitz Threshermens Association

Project: Better Access to Main Display
Funding Received: $50,000

The Atchelitz Threshermens Association is a deeply dedicated non-profit organization that operates a large farm museum, staffed entirely be volunteers. It has a large collection historic vehicles, farm equipment and tractors, buggies and horse-drawn equipment, housed in large collections and display buildings.

The primary goal of the Atchelitz Threshermens Association’s BC|Canada150 project was to make site upgrades to the Pioneer Museum structure by replacing the old gravel floor with cement. The key motivation was to make the building much more accessible to visitors using wheelchairs, electric scooters and walkers. However, significantly, the new cement floor also helps to preserve the vehicles by providing increased protection against moisture.

Since its completion, this project has greatly increased accessibility in the museum – and it has also elevated the appearance of the display area. Returning the collections to the museum provided an opportunity to reorganize displays and plan the space, staging the vehicles in attractive orderly rows to make them more visible. Overall, the project created an appealing display with a wide, easily manoeuvred walkway that meets accessibility needs.

A dedicated cohort of members was involved in removing the artifacts from the building. It took a great deal of organization to move all the tractors, vehicles, and buggies, but it was accomplished in great time while building relationships and strengthening community.