Congratulations for completing your project!

Please complete the BC | Canada 150 Final Report within 30 days of your project completion or any time prior to March 31, 2018.

The information gathered from the final reports will be used to demonstrate how this funding investment has assisted your organization and benefited our cultural heritage sector. The names and locations of award recipients, along with success stories, will be published in various communications materials utilized by the BC Museums Association and the Government of British Columbia.

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability within the context of your particular project.


Before you begin:

The BC | Canada 150 Final Report is an ONLINE form. Therefore, we encourage you to use the sample report to prepare your answers in advance; then cut and paste your answers into the online report. You will not be able to save or print the online form while you are working on it.


Click here for the SAMPLE Final Report


Please make sure you have the following items ready to upload and attach to the online form:

□ Project budget template outlining all revenue and expenses for the project. You will need to use our budget template and upload it to the online form.

NOTE:  Your budget should only reflect the project (or phase of the project) that the grant money supported, along with your organization’s 20% contribution.

Click here for the Budget Template

Keep your receipts and documentation in case of audit, but do not send in your receipts with this form unless specifically requested. We do advise that you keep your project receipts and budget documentation for 7 years, as is the standard practice for not-for-profits.

□  Copies of all public acknowledgements related to your project and the funding award (including any press releases, brochures, newsletters or other media coverage related to your project)

□ Photographs and documentation about your project, including staff and volunteers at work on the project and before/after photographs (when applicable). Testimonials from community members are also welcome. Maximum of 5 photographs, please.

Please clearly label the photographs so we can easily keep track of them.


Ready to complete the BC | Canada 150 Final Report?

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Final Report Checklist:

Before you submit the online form, have you:

□  answered all of the relevant questions on the online report?

□  completed the Project Budget Template and attached it to the online report?

□  made arrangements to keep your project receipts and budget documentation for 7 years?

□  attached to the online report any photos relevant to your project? (max. 5 photos)

□  obtained proper consents and permissions from the photographer and/or subjects in the photographs? Please note any photographs that are submitted now may be used for reporting and/or promotional purposes at a future date.

□  attached to the online report all promotional materials / public acknowledgements relevant to your project?



Please contact:

Anissa Paulsen, Program Officer, BC Museums Association:;  

(250) 356-5700


Freedom of Information

All final reports received under the British Columbia | Canada 150: Celebrating B.C. Communities and their Contributions to Canada grant program are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information collected is for the purpose of administering the program and will be used for that purpose only.