BC | Canada 150 Grant Recipient Project Highlights

Bella Coola Valley Museum

Project: Restoration of 1913 Telegraph Cabin within Tweedsmuir Provincial Park
Funding Received: $18,000

For this project, the Bella Coola Valley Museum Society partnered with BC Parks local staff to restore the last remaining line cabin along the Bella Coola Branch telegraph line, built in 1912 from 150 Mile House to Bella Coola.

The Dominion Government Telegraph and Telephone Service completed this antiquated service in time to receive news from the WWI front. Messages typed in Morse code were transmitted on the telegraph line to their destination; no voice messages were heard.

The Society’s project to preserve this little cabin, as well as the history it captures, means that the people of BC will be able to learn about, view and appreciate its significance for years to come. It benefits anyone who appreciates the historic heritage buildings of the Valley and all those that use the travel system adjacent to the line cabin, which includes student groups, tourists, local travelers, and more.

The Society has had an extremely positive response from local members who have voiced that they appreciate its involvement in this area of structural preservation in the Valley. This one building may seem small, but the amount support received from diverse groups exemplifies that the community wants to see these heritage structures restored and preserved for future generations to enjoy and learn about.