BC | Canada 150 Grant Recipient Project Highlights

Bowen Island Museum

Project: Bowen Island Museum and Archives Upgrades
Funding Received: $19,000

The Bowen Island Museum and Archives was formed in 1967 and has been the principal repository of irreplaceable records and artifacts that reflect the history of the Island’s community ever since. Over the course of 50 years it has collected and preserved Bowen’s historical materials, constructed the Museum and Archives building, renovated a heritage cabin, published a book and photographic history of Bowen, developed the archives, created exhibits to showcase the growing collection, developed an educational program, and expanded its community presence.

For its 50th anniversary and BC|Canada150, the Museum was able to upgrade its infrastructure with a new lighting and hanging system, partitioning walls, display systems, as well as display and presentation systems, document storage, and archival supplies. It increased the flexibility of the exhibit space, creating an elevated, professional appearance in the gallery and in exhibition design. The project also increased accessibility and the standard of care of the collections with better and more efficient document organization and much needed archival supplies.

The renovation lent itself to initiate easier conversations with the community about the Museum’s work preserving the history of Bowen Island. Through more engagement with the community about its mandate, the Museum has been able to spread more awareness about the work it does.

It is important to the Museum to be able to collect Bowen’s history and to present it in an inspiring way, keeping the stories tangible and the audience engaged. The project has allowed the Museum to do this in a more consistent manner, elevating its profile and self-assurance as an organization, and allowing it to serve its mandate and Bowen’s community in a more professional way.