The BCMA is planning a scheduled social media initiative for BC Museums Week, with each day featuring a different theme.  Follow along and join in using #BCMuseums on Facebook and Twitter, and “attend” our Facebook event to see all the BC Museums Week posts and resources.

Are you planning a BC Museums Week or IMD 2017 event at your museum?  Email the details to the BCMA’s Programs & Communications Coordinator, Ben Fast so we can add you to our list of participating museums.

Click the days below to learn more about each day’s theme.

May 14: BC Museums Week Launch

Join the BCMA in launching BC Museums Week 2017! Share the proclamation, join the Facebook event, and promote your BC Museums Week activities.

May 15: Museum People

We all know a museum is only as good as the people who run, care for, and love it.  Use this day to connect your visitors to the face behind the museum, or to celebrate the people who visit.  Celebrate volunteers, provide access to staff, engage an expert!

Check our BC Museums Week Resource Page for ideas on how to highlight the people involved with your museum, especially on social media.

May 16: Cultural Exchange and Museum Partners

How do BC Museums engage in cultural exchange with other local, regional, national, or international museums? How do BC Museums engage in cultural exchange with other partners, such as local communities, minority groups, governments, the private sector, etc?

The BCMA will highlight and engage with some of our industry partners and related organizations, such as the members of our GLAM sector MOU and other membership organizations of potential interest to BC Museums.

May 16 also marks the second instalment of our new webinar series, a great example of information exchange between and among BC Museums. Be sure to register for this webinar in advance.

May 17: The Contribution of BC Museums

Join the discussion as we highlight the role of museums in BC through statistics and stories of partnerships, collaboration and investment. How does your museum contribute to your community, the province, and the greater cultural sector?

BC heads to the polls May 9, just one week before BC Museums Week. What better time to start advocacy with newly-elected or re-elected political representatives? The BCMA encourages participating museums to connect with their relevant political representatives at all levels of government in sharing information about the contribution of BC Museums to the local community and economy, and BC Museums Week activities.

The BCMA will share tips for advocacy and engage political representatives in the above dialogue. Want to learn more about advocacy for BC Museums? Read the advocacy edition of Roundup.

May 18: International Museum Day – Contested Histories

IMD2017_engJoin museums around the world (there were over 35,000 participating museums across 145 countries in 2016) in celebrating International Museum Day 2017.

Connecting with the IMD 2017 theme, explore the contested histories of BC and how they are being represented, shared, discussed – or not – in BC Museums. How does your museum present contested histories? What have you learned, or what do you want to learn?

Are you planning a special IMD event, or would your BC Museums Week activities also relate to IMD? Promote your event or activity on ICOM’s interactive map for global coverage. Engage with other museums on social media (use the IMD hashtag: #MuseumDay). Help ICOM raise awareness of the fact that, “Museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.”

IMD presents an opportunity for BC Museums to start something extraordinary. Implement a partnership, develop a relationship, start a conversation – anything is possible!

May 19: Reconciliation and Looking to the Future

The IMD theme of Contested Histories provides an opportunity for museums to look to the future and build reconciliation. Share examples of how your museum is working towards reconciliation, however that looks in your context. What opportunities or challenges do you see coming in the future?

The BCMA will share resources for reconciliation and highlight examples of success from around the province.

May 20-21: BC Museum Showcase

To celebrate the end of BC Museums Week, keep an eye on our social media feeds for highlights of the week that was!