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Exhibit Development Essentials

Interpretation Principles 1: The Art of Storytelling in Exhibitions (BCMA Tool, 2019)

Interpretation Principles 2: The Art of Writing for Exhibitions (BCMA Tool, 2019)

Exhibit Panel Design Basics (BCMA Tool, 2019)

Exhibit Panel Design Basics Introduction (BCMA Webinar Recording, 2019)

New! UBC’s Public Humanities Department has created an Exhibitions Toolkit which can be viewed here.

New! Inclusive Design Toolkit

New! Inclusive Design Activity Sheets

New! Inclusive Design: Design for Guidance guide

New! Respecting Focus: A Behavior Guide for Intelligent Systems

Enhance your Practice 

Activate your Exhibition (BCMA Webinar Recording, 2017)

New! Let’s Create an Exhibit Game (BCMA Tool, 2019)

This Snakes-and-Ladders style game offers a unique way to think about exhibit development. The game is meant to be a fun way to begin the discussion with your staff, volunteers and Board members about the wide variety of steps that go into creating a professional exhibit.

Let’s create an exhibit game board


New! Decolonizing Design: Harnessing the Power of Design Responsibly

New! Interactive Storytelling in the Digital Era. Watch the session, Download the slides.

For Further Reading

Manifesto for the rEvolution of Museum Exhibitions by Kathleen McLean (AAM Exhibitionist magazine, Spring 2010)

Standards for Museum Exhibitions and Indicators of Excellence (AAM resource, 2012)

Community Issue Exhibition Toolkit: How to make an exhibition with your community So people take action on an issue that matters (OF/BY/FOR/ALL resource, 2018)





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