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Museum Education Essentials

Explore podcasting

Design for Guidance and Learners guidelines

Learning with Objects: How to create object-based activities at your museum – includes four ready-to-go activity plans (BCMA Tool, 2019)

Toolbox for Museum School Programs (Nova Scotia Museums Association, 2016)


Innovate! Case studies from the field

Teaching History in 100 objects (The British Museum)

Historical Thinking Project 


NEW Virtual Event Resources Toolkit

Essential Tips for Speakers

Fundamentals of Great Online Conferences

Online Conferences Thrive on Attendees’ Participation

Financial Considerations: Cost Drivers and Revenue Streams

Accessibility and Inclusion: Creating Better Conference Experiences for More People


For further reading

Excellence in Practice: Museum Education Principles and Standards (American Alliance of Museums, 2005)

Building the Future of Education: Museums and the Learning Ecosystem (Center for the Future of Museums, 2014)

Museum Education Roundtable website (includes links to Journal of Museum Education)



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