BC | Canada 150 Grant Recipient Project Highlights

Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame

Project: Digital Kiosk Project
Funding Received: $25,000

Located in Merritt, BC – which aptly wears the crown “Country Music Capital of Canada” – the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame claims a proud history. The Hall is a key piece of Canada’s music heritage. It is home to displays and artifacts documenting the genre and the careers of its many illustrious Canadian artist inductees, upon whose shoulder’s today’s country music stars stand.

The Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame’s Digital Kiosk Project has added an interactive touch screen system, which was designed to be exhibited and used in the Hall of Fame, as well as on-site at various music-related events across Canada. The touch screens display specially-designed digital ‘plaques’ to represent the approximately 100 current Hall of Fame inductees. They also reflect an innovative undertaking by the Hall to modernize its operations and bridge the gap between past and future; this project has been an important leap into the digital age for the Hall.

At the outset of the project, there were approximately 50 inductee plaques that had not yet been created for display, due in part to space restrictions. This digital initiative has not only allowed for a complete updating of plaques to honour the inductees, it has also afforded the opportunity to update the design and include unprecedented amounts of information for each inductee including bios, music, videos, and press.

As a travelling exhibit, the impact of this project will be significant. There are plans in place for the exhibit to tour Canadian music festivals and conferences. This will expose the Hall of Fame and its inductees to previously untapped audiences. By opening access to information about the Hall of Fame inductees, the project has ensured that the stories, music, and careers, of the cultural Canadian icons will be recognized and shared.

The Hall is a living institution by its very nature, and will continue to add inductees as Canadian music artists develop successful careers and create new legacies.