BC | Canada 150 Grant Recipient Project Highlights

Chinese Canadian Military Museum

Project: Developing Infrastructure Upgrade and Current Year’s Exhibition
Funding Received: $45,000

Established in 1998, the Chinese Canadian Military Museum is a registered charity with the goal of collecting, preserving, documenting, and commemorating the role of Chinese Canadian veterans in the service of Canada’s military, and its impact on Chinese Canadian history and civil rights.

In 2017, to celebrate BC|Canada150, and 70 years of WWII Chinese Canadian veterans helping Chinese Canadians gain full citizenship and the right to vote, the Chinese Canadian Military Museum completed a project that involved: upgrading the infrastructure of its building and expanding the display space; building a cabinet system with sliding traps; expanding outreach programs by acquiring portable tablets; and sharing the historical events in BC’s Chinese Canadian community that shaped the history of BC.

The Museum researched and documented veteran’s stories via video interviews and uploaded them on tablets, and designed new exhibits to highlight their service to Canada.

Completion of this project had a wide range of outcomes. It increased general awareness, built new and stronger community ties, and established a sense of social connectedness.

By opening up the exhibition in a better and user friendly format, the Museum was able to display more artifacts in its limited space using specifically designed showcases with multi-drawers. This quadrupled the Museum’s display surface space.

These enhancements, coupled with the use of tablets with video interviews, improved the museum’s delivery of its story-telling and outreach programs. The Museum is now better equipped to promote its stories to the community.