With a Proficio museum and archival collections management system you will find your daily tasks are simplified, whether its data entry, updating, searching, reporting, or researching. You can also use our Web Module to share the collection online! We are more than just a Collection Management Software company. We are a team of museum and archives professionals and top-notch software engineers. Your system will be supported and upgraded. Seamless conversions and Cloud hosting are available.

Brandy W. Adams




Lucidea provides unrivaled museum collections management software, with innovative tools purpose-built based on best practices observing and working with museum clients of all sizes and budgets for over 25 years. Argus offers comprehensive collections management capabilities, and takes you further—with community curation/co-curation, a dynamic online presence, full multimedia support, and streamlined workflows. Lucidea’s Argus collections management application is flexible, extensible, and always up-to-date—solving today’s collections management challenges, ready for tomorrow’s.

Lara Abou El Saad


Proudly Canadian owned and operated, Carr McLean has been sourcing and supplying Archival products to customers across Canada for more than 50 years.