Help the culture sector, assess the impact of COVID-19 – complete this brief survey

In partnership with Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance, and BC Alliance for Arts + Culture, the BCMA is working to help quantify the impact that COVID-19 is having on the province’s arts, culture, and heritage sector. Help us by completing this survey – data from this survey will be essential in helping government better understand the economic and social impact of COVID-19 on our sector.

Take the Survey

(Note: this link will take you to the survey on the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance’s website)

What is this survey? What will be done with the data?

We are collecting data in order to better understand the impact COVID-19 has had on arts and culture organizations across the province.

Aggregate data will be shared with funders (currently requested by BC Arts Council and City of Vancouver), and we may also share with other funders and arts service organizations for regional, provincial, and national reporting.

Please note: Your name and your organization name will not be shared.


Is this for all arts disciplines or just theatre?

This survey is for all arts disciplines, cultural organizations, and museums across B.C.


What data is being requested?

We are measuring financial and other impacts based on decisions that have been made about your programming, activities, and operations. This includes as-of-today confirmed cancellations and postponement of activities that affect your revenue or expenses.

  • If you have multiple people/departments in your organization that hold specific numbers requested in the survey (eg. box office revenue, vs venue rental revenue, vs production expenses), each person/department may submit the survey separately with their specific information.
  • We encourage you to return later and resubmit the survey as your organization makes more decisions in the coming days/weeks.

Is there a deadline?

We are collecting new and updated data on an ongoing basis. We will share with funders on a regular basis, so we encourage you to submit your first set of stats as soon as possible.