How to Participate in BC Museums Week 2017

Are you interested in participating in BC Museums Week 2017?  There are many ways in which you and your organization can be a part of this celebration of museums.


Some organizations may choose to celebrate BC Museums Week with a special event, program or promotion.  See below for ideas:

  • Run a special BC Museums Week event at your museum
    • Can you offer a discounted rate for families?  Free entry for children?  Free for everyone on IMD?
    • Can you offer a special tour or educational program?
    • Promote your event or activity on ICOM’s interactive map for global coverage.
  • Run a promotion at your site
    • Offer a discount on summer programs, or hourly flash sales in your gift shop
  • Develop or launch a new partnership within your community
    • Do you have a new school program?  A research initiative?  A new sponsorship?
    • Is there a local special interest group relating to your collection that could run an event on-site?  Stamp collectors, car enthusiasts, 4H clubs, etc.
  • Run a social media event
    • Instagram takeovers are when you and another museum “trade” aaccounts and post to the other’s audience. This would be perfect for May 16!
    • There are lots of good museum hashtags to try out, like #AskACurator or #MuseumSelfie. Explore Twitter and Facebook to see what you could do to build online engagement and interaction
  • Invite local media to do a story on your organization in advance of BC Museums Week
    • Make sure you have a story worth telling.  Media will be most interested in innovative partnerships, community events, building projects, human interest stories, etc.
    • Do you have a community cruiser for a local radio station that could broadcast from your event? Community spots provide visibility and keep media on-site for extended periods of time
  • Invite local politicians to visit the museum (especially on IMD – May 18)
    • Start your advocacy early.  Contact your MLA after May 9 to establish or re-establish your relationship
    • Politicians bring media, media brings politicians – be sure to invite both to increase your chances of success
    • Be sure to take photos to share on social media
    • Be sure to follow up and thank visiting dignitaries – build a positive relationship

Be sure to let us know what you’re planning!

International Museum Day

BC Museums Week occurs at the same time as International Museum Day (IMD) 2017.  The theme for International Museum Day 2017 is “Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums.”  Many of the themed days for BC Museums Week tie into this topic.

Goal for IMD: The objective of International Museum Day is to raise awareness of the fact that, “Museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.”

You may find it useful to create an event or run your social media to correlate with both initiatives.  ICOM has created a resource kit for museums participating in IMD 2017.  Examples of events begin on page 8, and the kit also includes tips for communications and partnerships.

Are you planning a BC Museums Week or IMD 2017 event at your museum?  Email the details to the BCMA’s Programs & Communications Coordinator, Ben Fast so we can add you to our list of participating museums.

Social Media

The BCMA is planning a scheduled social media initiative for BC Museums Week.  Click here to see the themes for each day.  Follow along and join in using #BCMuseums on Facebook and Twitter, and “attend” our Facebook event to see all the BC Museums Week posts and resources.

Other Resources

Be sure to check back regularly as we continue to post ideas and resources to help you have a great BC Museums Week!