BC / Canada 150 Grant Recipient Project Highlights

Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society, Cloverdale

Project: Heritage Rail Restoration
Funding Received: $50,000

The Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society sought to restore BCER 1304 interurban, the Connaught, the last Chilliwack interurban to have survived. BCER 1304 was named the Connaught to celebrate the 1912 official visit to BC by the Duke of Connaught, who was at the time Governor General of Canada.

Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society

Launch of the restored BCER 1304 The Connaught
Photo by Derek Hayes

The project involved community partners and collaborators to facilitate the launch of BCER 1304. A 150- foot rail connection was needed and the connecting track materials and labour were donated by local rail companies, PNR Railworks from Abbotsford, and Southern Railway of BC in Surrey. Parris & Heinbecker, a grain rail company with Cloverdale facilities, provided their locomotive on September 9, 2017, the official launch day, to move the Connaught along the track and provide inaugural rides for the BC Lieutenant Governor and other dignitaries and the general public.

The project solidified the position of the heritage rail operations of the Society in Cloverdale and increased interest in the preservation and rehabilitation of the remaining heritage BC Electric rolling stock.