BC | Canada 150 Grant Recipient Project Highlights

Maple Ridge Museum Haney House

Project: Haney House Restoration and Conservation
Funding Received: $57,000

Haney House is a registered historical site listed on the City of Maple Ridge Heritage Register. It was home to pioneer Thomas Haney and his family, who moved out from Ontario to seek a better life. Constructed in 1883 with the help of other early Maple Ridge settlers Samuel Edge and Daniel Callaghan, this site not only represents early Canadian heritage but the beginnings of settlement on the North Fraser lands.

Haney descendants lived in the house until the property was donated to the City by the family in 1979. It has been conserved as a museum of family life from that era ever since. In 2017, BC|Canada150 funds assist in the conservation and enhanced exhibition opportunities for the site and its artifacts.

The project included restoration and conservation work to the roof, windows, and doors of the historic Haney House Museum, and research on wallpaper and wall surfaces.


It helped to kick-start the next phase of restoration at the heritage site, and renewed civic support for heritage. The long term goal here is to provide additional programming and activities for all ages at the House, and enhance interpretation beyond tours. A fully restored Haney House is foundational to achieving this goal.

The conservation work revealed new building materials that have helped to make Haney House more historically accurate, and have assisted with interpretation efforts for students, visitors, and the general public.

The recent restoration is an important step towards developing a more authentic site that is able to provide a platform the stories of a growing Maple Ridge, and BC.