The BCMA has an exciting benefit program for Institutional and Individual BCMA Members – the Owl Card!

Each Owl card is personalized and provides the bearer with complimentary admission to galleries, museums, and historic sites throughout the province. View our Current OWL Partners here

OWL Card Holders

Our partner list is subject to change so check back frequently for updates, and be sure to look for the BCMA Owl decal in the windows of galleries, museums or historic sites to confirm that they are a participant in the program.

When presenting your OWL Card, you must also provide a valid ID.


Institutional Members

Your OWL Card will be personalized with the name of the member institution. You must provide proof of your employment at that institution.

Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • Business card
  • Institution ID badge
  • Staff web page

If you require that your OWL cards list individual names to enable the use of photo ID, please inform at the time of your membership application or renewal. OWL cards with individual names listed are non-transferable.


Individual Members

Your OWL Card will be personalized with your name. You must provide a valid photo ID when presenting your OWL Card.

If you are a student or volunteer member and would like to change your membership category to access Owl card benefits, email