National Associations

National Trust for Canada

A resource to help you find funding for many different areas.


Canadian Museums Association (CMA)


CHIN Professional Exchange

The Professional Exchange is the Canadian museum reference for technologies, enabling heritage professionals to excel in the use of digital technologies to connect their museums with each other and their audiences. The Professional Exchange provides an online space for heritage workers to learn, share and collaborate. Shaped by CHIN’s collaborative research activities, resources include: standards and best practices documents; online courses on image digitization, automated collections systems, search engine optimization and other topics; bibliographies, data dictionaries and reference databases (including Artefacts Canada and the Museology Bibliography); reports and studies, including publications on intellectual property, digital preservation, automated collections management, online marketing, and social media.


Canadian Conservation Institute

The Canadian Conservation Institute’s (CCI’s) on-site facility assessment service includes technical assessments of Canadian museums, archives and historic sites that focus on the conservation needs of their collections. CCI experts provide advice on storage, display and exhibition conditions, security and fire prevention measures, the museum environment, lighting, and pest management. Advisory services for capital projects for new collection facilities or major renovations are also available through this service. (Courtesy of Canadian Conservation Institute)

Other Conservation Resources

Canadian Association of Professional Conservators

Canadian Chapter of the International Society of Appraisers

Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers


Canadian Heritage Information Network


Canadian Art Museum Directors’ Organization