Introducing BCMA’s new webinar series
The BC Museums Association is pleased to present a monthly webinar series in partnership with the Royal BC Museum and Archives.

On the third Tuesday of every month, join your museum colleagues from around the province for a lunch-hour webinar. These engaging professional development opportunities will cover a different topic each month, from education to conservation, marketing to exhibit fabrication, and everything else in between. Museum professionals from within our membership will present each webinar, with special guests along the way.

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Webinar Details

Time: noon-1pm

Cost: Free for members (two ticket maximum per institutional member), $10 for not-yet-members

Registration closes 24 hours before the webinar.


Webinar Schedule

April 18: Youth Programming and What We Learn When We Listen – Presented by Chris O’Connor (Royal BC Museum) and Susan Rome (Vancouver Art Gallery)

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Our first webinar on April 18 is all about Youth Programming. Join Chris O’Connor, Learning Program Developer at the Royal BC Museum, and Susan Rome, the School Program Coordinator at the Vancouver Art Gallery, for “Youth Programming and What We Learn When We Listen.”

How can we better listen to the ideas and perspectives of youth in regard to our exhibitions and collections? And how can we facilitate youth making connections between the gallery/museum and the community in meaningful ways? Using case studies from the Vancouver Art Gallery (Think Tank for Youth) and the Royal BC Museum (The Partner School Project), this webinar will suggest ways to proactively invite teens into cultural spaces and have them learn through doing. #projectbasedlearning

Susan Rome has been working at the Vancouver Art Gallery as the Program Coordinator for Youth for over 20 years. With a background in theatre and education, she works collaboratively with teams of educators to create gallery programs that are thought-provoking, experiential and relevant to students’ lives.

Chris O’Connor is a program developer in the Learning department at the Royal BC Museum, with a focus on on-site programming and a passion for community collaboration. Chris runs the school programs at the Royal BC Museum, working to create a culture of engagement that is grounded in inquiry, critical thinking and that values the voice of learners.

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May 16: Activate Your Exhibition – Presented by Yukiko Stranger-Galey and Derek Tan (Beaty Biodiversity Museum)

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How do you encourage participatory interactions with your exhibit? Using examples from the Beaty Biodiversity Museum’s temporary exhibitions, this webinar will describe a suite of simple, self-led, and scalable activities that can be easily incorporated into exhibits when big-budget interactives or educator-led programming aren’t available. What worked, what didn’t, how did we build it, and how much did it cost?

Yukiko Stranger-Galey is the Exhibits & Design Manager for the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at the University of British Columbia, where she develops exhibits that celebrate the wonder and diversity of the natural world. The opportunity to share the stories of the people, organisms, and objects in our world inspires her every day.

Derek Tan is the Digital Media Specialist at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. He has a background in biology and visual arts and currently designs, illustrates, and produces collaborative content for deployment across physical and digital platforms.

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June 19: We Speak Translate – Special training workshop presented by Kate Longpre (Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria)
NOTE: This webinar will be on a MONDAY

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In advance of World Refugee Day (June 20), join the BCMA in a very special We Speak Translate training workshop, presented by the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA). The We Speak Translate project is a first of its kind collaboration between Google Translate and the ICA utilizing the Google Translate App for refugee resettlement and new immigrant inclusion in communities.

The BCMA recognizes the role – and potential role – of museums, art galleries, cultural centres, and other memory institutions such as libraries and archives in creating welcoming, safe, and engaging communities for refugees, immigrants, and locals. We are excited to provide this opportunity for institutions to increase their capacity and accessibility, and to share the positive community development initiatives of the ICA.

Upon completion of the 40-minute training, participants receive a We Speak Translate decal, a visible symbol of inclusion and commitment to promoting diversity and communication across language barriers. Familiarity with the Google Translate app establishes a common platform for communication while newcomers develop their English language skills.

This webinar will be facilitated by Kate Longpre, the Community Integration Coordinator at ICA. Kate works strategically across sectors to ensure that resettled refugees entering the Greater Victoria area are successfully integrated into welcoming communities. Kate approached Google Translate in September 2016 with the idea for the We Speak Translate project. In April 2017 the project launched in Victoria, BC, the first location worldwide to initiate the project.

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July 18: The 4 P’s of Public Programming – Presented by Lesley Moore

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Programming has become an experience game that can be challenging to develop and sustain in the fast-paced, ever-changing world we live in. Innovative. Participative. Inclusive. Engaging. Immersive.Relevant. These are outcomes we strive to achieve. But where to begin? What’s needed? Why ? For whom? Not every brilliant idea becomes a great program.

Central to a successful program is planning and active evaluation. This webinar presents strategies and checklists for program development and implementation – before, during and after – with a generous sampling of shining successes and pitfalls to avoid that will be shared by colleagues. A take-away tool kit will transform your programs!

Lesley Moore has implemented public programs at a range of museum spaces and community places from a museum of archaeology , a regional heritage site to a community museum in a multi-use cultural centre. From tried and true to  never tested programs her intent has been the refreshing, refocussing and revitalization of museum programs in their respective communities.

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August 15: Cold Calling & Sweet Talking: Building Grassroots Community Partnerships – Presented by Amanda Sittrop (Burnaby Village Museum and Vancouver Maritime Museum)

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For those stepping into a new museum community, creating connections and building relationships can be a daunting task. How do you create relevant, engaging exhibits and programs in a community you barely know? This webinar will discuss strategies in which museums can build, mold, and foster partnerships with their organizations. Where do you start? Who do you talk to? How do you maintain relationships once they’re built? Get ready to listen, think, and share in this interactive community engagement webinar!

In her almost 10 years of experience in the Arts & Culture field, Amanda has done curatorial and collections work at the Gallery of BC Ceramics, the Museum of Vancouver, and the Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre. Since her days in Canmore, Amanda has coordinated family day events, kids programming, and speaker series at the White Rock Museum & Archives and public and special event programming at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site. Amanda continues her love of community engagement today with costumed interpretation at Burnaby Village Museum and the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

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September 19: Marketing for Museums – Presented by Erika Stenson (Royal BC Museum)

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Webinar description TBA.

Erika Stenson is the Head of Marketing and Business Development at the Royal BC Museum. Erika joined the Royal BC Museum in 2010, bringing extensive experience in marketing and business development in both the private and public sectors. She is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, is a communications and advertising accredited professional, and has a Liberal Arts Diploma. Erika currently serves on the board for Tourism Victoria. As Head of Marketing and Business Development, Erika is responsible for building strategic business development initiatives, media relations and corporate communications, publishing, consumer research and other related activities. She also leads the planning and implementation of the current Royal BC Museum fundraising and sponsorship initiatives.

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October 17: TBA


November 21: TBA


Webinar series presented in partnership with the Royal BC Museum and Archives.

This webinar series is presented in partnership with the Royal BC Museum.