BC | Canada 150 Grant Recipient Project Highlights

The Bateman Foundations

Project: A Bird’s Eye View: Recognizing British Columbia’s Wild Reserves and Sanctuaries
Funding Received: $62,000

In recognition of Canada’s 150th anniversary, the Bateman Foundation and Royal BC Museum partnered to create a travelling exhibit that celebrates British Columbia’s dedication to preserving Canada’s unique environment for over 100 years. The exhibit, “A Bird’s Eye View: Recognizing British Columbia’s Wild Reserves and Sanctuaries,” was created in honour of the centennial of the Migratory Bird Convention Act, which represents 100 years of awareness and stewardship of wildlife.

Encouraging awareness and environmental stewardship from a local and national perspective is a vital piece of the Bateman Foundation’s public programming. The aim of this project was to increase awareness, eco-literacy, and stewardship – specifically regarding these special sanctuary ecosystems and all the organisms that inhabit them.

Specifically, “A Bird’s Eye View”:

– highlights different Migratory Bird Sanctuaries and Biological reserves in BC

– explores some of the unique species and habitats in the province, especially birds

– highlights the valuable role played by conservation workers and volunteers in preserving these unique species

– engages individuals and communities in protecting natural areas through the Bateman Foundation’s NatureSketch and ASKprogram (i.e. engagement through Art, Science and First Nations Knowledge)

The Bateman Foundation also engaged with indigenous partners to incorporate stories of the traditional uses of the sanctuary lands.

By increasing awareness through this travelling exhibit, the Bateman Foundation hopes to foster increased preservation and protection these important habitats by highlighting the need to take responsibility for our actions and the cycles/lives we all affect. Celebrating the Migratory Bird Convention Act with all members of the community helps to ensure we can continue our progression towards a more sustainable future, and that the Canada we know and love can persist.

The travelling exhibit continues to travel across different museums/galleries throughout the province.