BC | Canada 150 Grant Recipient Project Highlights

BC Farm Museum Association

Project: Ventilation System Replacement Project
Funding Received: $8,000

The BC Farm Museum Association’s purpose is to acquire, collect, restore, preserve, and provide a means for displaying those articles of farm machinery and pioneer life of a historical nature which demonstrate the trend of development in the province of BC. To better meet this mandate, the Association used the opportunity presented by BC|Canada150 to replace its ventilation system.

While a ventilation system may not sound particularly exciting, it is an incredibly significant part of the Museum’s infrastructure. At the BC Farm Museum, artifacts are restored and repaired in workshops by many skilled volunteers. This requires the use of products or processes which can be harmful when left hanging in the air.

The new ventilation system supports volunteers, providing them with a safer environment to work on restoration and repairs of priceless artifacts of BC pioneer life – and thereby increases the amount and quality of work done. This means that the volunteers are able to save and restore more of BC’s farm heritage.

The project directly benefited the health and safety of the 40+ volunteers, but has had also had an impact on the community, as it has allowed for more learning about the finished work that comes out of the workshops.

The restoration and repair of significant artifacts depicting BC agricultural and pioneer life leaves a lasting legacy for the general public, for students, for tourists, and for future generations.