BC | Canada 150 Grant Recipient Project Highlights

Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Project: Visitor Experience Improvement Project: Creating Learning and Social Spaces at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum
Funding Received: $65,000

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum is Vancouver’s natural history museum and is located at the University of British Columbia, as part of the Faculty of Science at UBC. The BBM took the opportunity presented by BC|Canada150 to upgrade the museum gallery space, improving the visitor experience with interactive elements, enjoyable social spaces, and by creating mobile workstations for researchers working in the collections.

A large part of the Museum’s community is families and school groups. The improved interactive whale station now allows the BBM to address different learning styles by providing experiential, tactile, and digital learning opportunities.

Another big part of the BBM’s community is the research community at the University. Improving access to the collections with mobile workstations has allowed researchers to make better use of the space, which has had a positive impact on their work.

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum collections contain more than 2 million specimens and artifact storage is part of the public gallery space, and thus part of the visitor’s experience. The mobile work stations allow researchers and collections curatorial staff to safely access and work with the collections while providing visitors the chance to witness first-hand how museum collections are used and cared for.

And finally, the infrastructure improvement to the admission area has created a much more functional and welcoming space for all, setting a positive first impression of the museum to all visitors.

With the impact of climate change, caring about biodiversity matters now more than ever. The BBM plays a key role in developing the next generation of environmentalists who will understand, and protect biodiversity so that BC and Canada can celebrate the next 150 years of natural history and beauty. It is an asset to biodiversity research.