Exhibition, Design for Living: West Coast Modern Homes Revisited

West Vancouver Art Museum

The West Vancouver Art Museum has been nominated for a 2020 BCMA Outstanding Achievement Award, Excellence in Exhibitions for their exhibit: Exhibition, Design for Living: West Coast Modern Homes Revisited!

This project uniquely celebrates designers and homeowners’ efforts to preserve modernist homes constructed during a nationally-recognized period of intense innovation on the West Coast. West Vancouver is home to many important examples of modernist residential architecture and, due to their age, the owners of these homes are reaching a juncture between the two options of significant renovation or demolition. This project celebrated successful examples of historic modernist homes that have been preserved through renovation rather than demolished completely.

This exhibition is one of a number of projects from the last 15 years at the West Vancouver Art Museum that seeks to highlight the architectural movement of West Coast modernism that has been prevalent in its community for 70 years. The focus of this exhibition was innovative, matched in excellence by the manner of presentation, engagement with visitors of all ages, and the curatorial choices made concerning residence selection and collaborators.

The West Vancouver Art Museum offered a diverse selection of public programming, which included drop-in art-making sessions for children, school tours, curatorial tours, and a panel discussion featuring many of the homeowners and architects was well attended. The success of the exhibition ultimately reflected effective curatorial decisions, including the involvement and careful coordination of many different contributors, including the homeowners, original and renovation architects, architectural photographers, and experts.