On September 30th, during the BCMA’s 2019 annual conference, BCMA and BC HERN signed a Memorandum of Understanding to unite the two organizations under a series of shared goals.

The BC HERN Steering Group (comprised of representatives from MOA, RBCM, Burnaby Village Museum and the BC Museums Association) is now looking to broaden the consortium to include a more diverse collection of institutions throughout the entire province. In order to keep this project low-cost and sustainable, the model involves dividing the province into emergency response zones, with a community of museum staff and volunteers throughout each zone being trained in salvage response. The success of this model is dependent upon making training opportunities available to small and midsize museums outside the lower mainland.

BCMA and BC HERN will encourage BCMA member participation in activities that will enhance learning opportunities and knowledge transfer among professionals and institutions as related to emergency response for cultural heritage organizations.